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Aqua Recycled Glass Beads

24mm Jumbo Aqua Recycled Glass Beads.  Krobo tribes-people are world-reknown for the beautiful recycled glass beads they create using a process developed by their forebears. Interestingly, the powder glass method used to make these African beads is as simple as it is elegant. The artists that specialize in making these beads will go about and gather old, broken, or otherwise unutilized pieces of glass. These they crush with stones or other tools into a versatile powder that can be shaped in bead molds designed for this purpose. Once heated inside a clay bead mold, the glass melts from thousands of small pieces into a single piece of glass that solidifies at room temperature. The production these recycled glass beads is most common in Ghana where is both good for the local economy, friendly to the environment, and a testament to an ancient bead making tradition that is both beautiful and historic at the same time. Number of beads may vary depending on size of the bead and shade of aqua may vary slightly from strand to strand. Up to several beads per strand may be cracked due to extensive travel throughout multiple continents.
15-19 x 22-28mm bead, 3-4mm stringing hole
Strand Length
25 inches